Eating the Classics in Albuquerque

The only constant in our lives today seems to be change. Every day, there’s some new article of technology, some new societal development, some new must-have product—and it can be hard and exhausting, to keep up with it all.

Sometimes all this newness and change demands a return to basics. To the classics. To the simple things. And one of the simplest, most basic, most classic things we can think of is a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Bacon and eggs. It’s a breakfast you could have had two-hundred years ago in the dining room of a farmhouse, before putting on your boots to go tend to the animals.

Times have changed since then, of course, but your ability to enjoy this time-honored meal has never gone away.

You could go order it at Cocina Azul, in Albuquerque, today! (Or tomorrow, if it’s after 10:30 a.m. today.)

Our bacon and eggs plate comes with two eggs, prepared in whatever way you like.

It comes with golden hash browns.

It comes with toast or a tortilla.

It comes with three strips of mouth-watering bacon, a food so delicious and addictive that almost no food-lovers are indifferent toward it.

And it can all be slathered, smothered, covered in our famous red chile sauce. Or in our famous green chile sauce. Or in both our red and our green chile sauces.

Because, why not, they’re amazing!

And so is our bacon and eggs plate. Contact us, come in, and try it for yourself today.

Nothing beats the bacon and eggs at Cocina Azul in Albuquerque, NM. Go to today, give us a call at (505) 831-2500 or just come on by.

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