A Return to Simpler Fare

Think about the foods you eat when you go camping.

There’s something special about those foods.

How simple they are. How essential. How satisfying. How you can just fry them up in an iron skillet, over a fire. How you can so easily start your day with them, feeling sated and content. Feeling ready to hike and explore and breathe mountain air.

Sausage is one of those essential camping foods.  Perfectly prepared and encased pork—a food at least as old as The Odyssey, a food mentioned in one of the oldest books in existence.

Eggs are another. There are very few foods as satisfying as eggs. Humans have been cooking them since at least 9,500 years ago, in India and Southeast Asia.

Hash browns—fried potatoes are a third. Hash browns have been appearing at breakfast time since at least 1888 and probably long before.

Sausage and eggs and hash browns are all fairly timeless dishes, redolent of the outdoors and of simpler ways of life.

At Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul, our sausage and eggs plate comes with two sausage patties, two eggs prepared your way and a heap of golden-brown hash browns.

It also comes with your choice of toast or a tortilla and can be smothered in either or both of our own owner Frank Sr.’s legendary green chile and red chile sauces.

Make a return to simpler food today with our sausage and egg plate, here at Cocina Azul, in Albuquerque. Start your day with a taste that’s reliable and delicious and unforgettable. Contact us ASAP.

For the comfort classics of breakfast food, go to Cocinaazul.com, call (505) 831-2500, or just come on by Cocina Azul in Albuquerque today.

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