An Unusual New Deliciousness in Albuquerque

Parents and teachers are concerned at schools around town, because all the kids are talking about things the parents and teachers have never heard of.


Teenagers are texting each other—“Hey. Sup. Want 2 grab a wa’toffle?”

The word is drifting through the halls of local high schools—“Wa’toffles, you and me, tomorrow?” “Yeah!”

Should parents and educators be worried?

Is this some dangerous new craze?

Is it…illegal?

But no. Don’t worry. Wa’toffles are a brand-new breakfast delight from Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul.

Walk into Cocina Azul today and order Wa’toffles and here’s what we’ll bring you:

Two golden waffles—

saturated in an egg-based batter—

—and then fried like French toast.

That’s two golden waffles—

batter-dipped and fried—

—served covered—

—with melted butter—

—with powdered sugar—

—and hot maple syrup.

Wa’toffles: dangerous only to people who fear deliciousness. Don’t worry, Albuquerque. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. You’ll like them too. Contact us before you next sit down to eat.

Call (505) 831-2500 to learn more about the Wa’toffles at Cocina Azul in Albuquerque, NM.

Panza Llena Corazon Contento