Gluten-Free in Albuquerque

Do you have a gluten allergy? Or gluten sensitivity?

It’s a common thing to discover these days—and many people find that when they cut gluten from their diet—or at least minimize how much of it they eat—that their health and energy level and mental clarity all benefit as a result.

Gluten is protein—actually two different proteins, gliadin and glutenin—and it’s very commonly in wheat and wheat by-products and it other grains as well.

If you have an allergy, your body may treat any gluten you eat as if it’s invading bacteria. Celiac Disease, the most extreme form of gluten allergy, is actually considered an autoimmune disease, which is how severe it can be. 

With this in mind, we here at Cocina Azul of Albuquerque offer a gluten-free menu almost as extensive as our main menus.

We put no flour in either or red or green sauces, so all you need to do if you have a wheat allergy is let us know that you can’t eat wheat and then we will steam corn tortillas for you instead of frying them in oil. This will prevent your tortillas from being cooked in the same oil used to fry wheat-flour sopapillas.

The blog Gluten Free New Mexico raves about Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul—giving us their gluten-free seal of approval and adding also that, “The food is great!”

We should say, however, that while we do offer gluten-free items, our kitchen is not gluten-free. If you have an extreme allergy, please let your server know so that we can take extra precautions in the preparation of your food.

Let us help you eat well while still eating for your health.

With Cocina Azul, you can eat well…and be well. You can eat gluten-free in a restaurant, without having to feel as if you’re giving anything up. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cater to your gluten-free diet.

Go to today or give call (505) 831-2500 for your favorite New Mexican and Mexican dishes all gluten-free.

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