Everything Made Fresh, Here in Albuquerque

These days, when you eat at most Albuquerque restaurants, you don’t where most of your food comes from, but you might suspect that most of it comes from store-bought packages bought in bulk—and that the ingredients lists on those packages often sound more like lists of ingredients needed for science experiments.

Not so at Cocina Azul.

At Cocina Azul, everything we make is made from scratch. We provide a serious approach to the food experience. We are a family-run, local business. We make daily, fresh, homemade New Mexican and other classic American fare—and the extra efforts that we make show in our foods, which are delicious and filling and leave lasting memories in the tongues and brain cells of everyone who ever eats them.

For more than five years, Cocina Azul has been making its authentic foods the old-fashioned way, from fresh ingredients and in small batches.

All of our chile comes from the legendary fields of Hatch, New Mexico and whenever possible, the ingredients we use are entirely local.

Our menu is brimming with amazing items—stews, burgers, platters, each one more mouth-watering and irresistible than the last. Diners frequently have trouble choosing just one.

We even have a secret menu, which you’re not supposed to know about. We’re not going to tell you about it either, but here’s a hint—you might want to ask your waiter or waitress about our steak enchiladas, stuffed sopapillas and fish tacos. But you didn’t hear that from us!

Whatever you end up ordering, know it’s going to be delicious. Know it will be made from scratch and know that you can probably make it taste even better by slathering it in our owner Frank Barela Sr.’s specialty recipe, which involves soaking chile pods in spices before blending and straining them to achieve a satiny, smooth, creamy texture. Contact us today to see for yourself.

When you are looking for authentic New Mexican food, go to Cocinaazul.com today.
Or give us a call at (505) 831-2500.

Panza Llena Corazon Contento