Live long enough and you’ll find that every so often you’ll have an experience that’s so good that it kind of makes you like everything.

A stranger will be kind to you and you’ll find yourself feeling fond, not only of him or her, but of all humanity. A song on the radio will sound good; you’ll find yourself loving not only the song but all of music. A morning will be so pleasant and full of promise, you’ll find yourself feeling good about your entire life. Or a meal will be so delicious, so unforgettably pleasing to your every taste bud; you may just find yourself thinking, “I just love food.”

Here at Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul, we think our carne adovada enchiladas are one such meal. We love all of our food here, but our carne adovada enchiladas are among the very best things we make.

Customers come in and ask if we still offer it, with a look in their eyes that suggests they might start crying if we say no. But don’t worry. We never say no.

Our carne adovada plate features three fresh corn tortillas filled with carne adovada—lean and flavorful pork shoulder marinated in red chile sauce and other spices—cheddar cheese and your choice of Frank Sr.’s magical red or green chile sauces.

For just a little more, you can make your tortillas blue corn and experience deliciousness over on that part of the color spectrum.

The meal also comes with whole beans, so hearty and so substantial; buttery white rice, so savory and light; fideos, a.k.a. Spanish noodles; and calabacitas, an unforgettable mix of squash, zucchini and other deliciousness.

Smother your meal in your choice of red or green chile sauce and sop up any remaining sauces with a delicious sopapilla, right here in Albuquerque.

Whisper these words to yourself: carne adovada enchiladas. They sound delicious, don’t they? You want to eat some right now, don’t you? Well…why not? Come on over. Contact us to learn more about our amazing menu options!

When you are craving the best carne adovada enchiladas in Albuquerque, go to today or call (505) 831-2500.

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