Albuquerque’s Best Pulled Pork Tacos

How are you feeling? Are you hungry? No? Well, wait just a minute. Let us tell you about a specialty of ours here at Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul—our pulled pork tacos.

Our pulled pork taco plate starts with three fresh flour tortillas—soft, still hot from the stove, each one a delicious canvas on which to paint a culinary masterpiece.

These tortillas are then filled, overwhelmed by marinated select pork tenderloins—the choicest meats, expertly prepared.

And with the meat comes caramelized onions—that’s onions fried to a golden ideal in liquid butter and sweet brown sugar, for a mouth-exploding combination of two very different intensities, of both the savory and the sweet.

Oh and then, covering all of this, is Frank Sr.’s legendary red or green chile sauce, your choice. You could even ask for red and green chile sauce, if you’re feeling crazy and brilliant.

Cocina Azul’s owner, Albuquerque’s own Frank Barela Sr. makes his special recipe by soaking chile pods in spices and then blending them and then straining them to achieve a smooth and creamy texture with a taste that’s like nothing else.

How about now? Are you hungry now?

Because if you are, you should know that our pulled pork tacos also come with your choice of two of any of the following:

  • gourmet but classic whole beans;
  • buttery white rice, just perfect for smothering in more red or green chile sauce;
  • fideos, a.k.a. delicious Spanish noodles or
  • calabacitas, a mouth-pleasing blend of zucchini and squash and more.

At then, at the end of your meal, there will also be a sopapilla for you to clean your plate with or simply to enjoy on its own, with honey, as a palate-cleanser.

You’ve got to be feeling hungry now. We’re hungry just writing this. Contact us today and take care of that. Our pulled pork tacos are waiting here just for you.

For mouth-watering pulled pork tacos in Albuquerque, NM, go to today or give us a call at (505) 831-2500.

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