At Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul, we love our customers.

We love our customers and we are so happy to live in a community so full of wonderful people and so happy for the opportunity to connect with you all through our restaurant.

For this reason, we want to warn you not to read the following description of our steak taco plate, if you are currently at work and unable to leave for a few hours—or if it’s after 8 p.m. when we close.

We just want to spare you the suffering you will no doubt experience when you read about our delicious steak taco plate. If you can come right over, right after reading this, then go ahead, but if you can’t—seriously—this is going to be painful.

Albuquerque’s Best Steak Taco Plate

To start with, our steak taco plate comes with three hot, fresh flour tortillas.

Next is a generous portion of marinated select rib eye steak—top quality meat expertly prepared for maximum flavor, dripping with juices and seasonings. You can also see the intense flavor steaming up off of it. Just smelling it as it is set down in front of you is like taking a preliminary bite, a ghost bite. We’ve seen just the sight of it start people’s hands trembling with anticipation.

With the steak on the tortillas come caramelized onions—so sweet, so savory, so golden and so perfect.

And with it all comes salsa rojo or verde, red or green, delicious or delicious.

And it with it all comes guacamole, avocados fulfilling their destiny in the most glorious way imaginable. And this is not store-bought guacamole. This is the real stuff. This is the great stuff. Homemade from the freshest ingredients.

Again, if you’re at work and can’t leave right now, you should not be reading this.

You should also not read about how our steak taco plate also comes with
two of any of the following:

  • whole beans
  • buttery white rice
  • fideos
  • calabacitas.

Or about the light and fluffy sopapilla that will be there for the end of your meal.

You shouldn’t read about that either. We wouldn’t want to hurt you with our words.

But if you’re not at work and if you’re free to come in, then it’s fine. Read away and then come in and see us. Our steak taco plate will be here, all ready for you to devour and enjoy. Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic menu options.

If you are looking for the best steak tacos in Albuquerque, New Mexico, come by Cocina Azul at (505) 831-2500.

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