Using fresh ingredients seems so obvious to us, so self-evident to us, here at Albuquerque’s Cocina Azul, that it’s almost strange we have to bring it up.

Of course fresh ingredients taste better! What’s the opposite of fresh? Not fresh? Stale? Dehydrated? Powdered? All of these sound terrible to us and that’s why whenever possible, we use fresh ingredients.

Here, at Cocina Azul, we make all our food from scratch. We make all our food the old-fashioned way, right here in Albuquerque, from fresh ingredients and in small batches.

Pick any item from our menu—take, for instance, our steak taco plate—and you can know that the ingredients were locally sourced, prepared fresh and made in small batches by real human beings.    And not just by any human beings, either, by our expert chefs and their assistants.

Let’s look at that steak taco plate—three flour tortillas from a local tortilla artist, marinated rib-eye steak from real Western cattle fed on real Western grass, carmelized onions plucked from New Mexican fields, salsa and guacamole prepared in-house, using chile grown in the famous fields of Hatch, New Mexico.

Compare that with the sort of just-been-frozen steak and laden-with-preservatives tortillas you might get at a chain restaurant. Compare the way we approach all of our food with the way most other places approach theirs, and Cocina Azul just makes sense.

Come to us for fresh ingredients, delicious food, and that smell—that amazing smell—you smelled when walking past us. Stay for the great service, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and, of course, the food that brought you in, in the first place. Contact us today.

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